Thursday, May 14, 2020

Diycam Brings AI to the Edge of Healthcare with NVIDIA Clara Guardian

Diycam Brings AI to the Edge of Healthcare with NVIDIA Clara Guardian

The delivery of healthcare is increasingly challenging with having to do more with less resources.
Smart sensors such as AI-enabled cameras and microphones can act as eyes and ears to ensure public safety, improve patient care, and enhance operational efficiency at healthcare facilities.
It’s now possible with smart sensors to collate data and help medical institutes keep tabs on their compliance status.

With the Diycam Hospital Compliance Management System, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, health care institutes can check in real time if doctors and medical staff are wearing masks, caps, gloves and aprons inside ICUs. Following such protocols helps hospitals reduce hospital-acquired infection, which can spread to patients and staff.  

Diycam has committed itself to improving health care by making smart hospital and computer vision solutions that can monitor acute patient safety and longer-term medical compliance to reduce readmissions. Examples include cameras and sensors that monitor patient and staff compliance with hand sanitisation policies to reduce infection rates, and devices that ensure discharge instructions are fully followed through to improve patient safety.

Diycam Temperature Detection along with Hospital Compliance Management and NVIDIA Clara Guardian

Delivering AI at the edge minimizes data privacy concerns and enables real-time AI, which is especially important in healthcare where every second matters. Edge computing plays an important role especially because of its quick response, low latency and no dependency on internet connectivity. Powered by NVIDIA Clara Guardian, Diycam’s edge computing cameras can detect hospital and ICU compliance. ICU compliance also includes checks for presence of hospital staff near critical patients and even checks if a patient is safely in his or her bed.

NVIDIA Clara Guardian is a healthcare-specific set of SDKs and application frameworks that run on the NVIDIA EGX platform for AI computing on edge servers and embedded devices. NVIDIA Clara Guardian is an application framework that simplifies the development and deployment of smart sensors with multi-modal AI anywhere in a hospital.

By delivering real-time fever detection, mask detection, social distancing and monitoring hospital compliance capabilities, NVIDIA Clara Guardian is ushering in a new generation of smart hospitals.

“Temperature detection and hospital compliance management cameras powered by Diycam AI are really what every hospital needs  during this COVID-19 situation. I would definitely recommend all hospitals and medical institutes to use it for patient and medical staff safety.” -Sanjeev Sehgal, Managing Director, Sparsh.